F-104G Starfighter

Hasegawa’s standard and very good Starfighter kit. An early model in my return to modelling. Straight off the bat with this model I won first place at the local Air Training Corps yearly Wing-level competition. First time I used PE parts too!

The kit is almost straight from the box, but as just described, I made use of an Eduard PE set to enhance the cockpit, undercarriage and minor external lumps and bumps.

Decals are from the kit and the paint is Humbrol enamels with use of Games Workshop’s Skull White rattle can paint for undercoat and the vertical fin.  The Humbrol paint was thinned and sprayed with a £10.99 Humbrol spray gun – point and blast! But the gun produces a good result if you’re careful. This also the first time I used a pin wash in the panel lines after giving the kit a good coat of gloss varnish.

In the photos you can see that the nose pitot tube is at a slight downward angle. This is a repair. After breaking this off at least 3 times, I made a replacement from a pin and the applicator metal tube of a pot of poly-cement.  Unfortunately the super glue I used to attach it worked very well – and very quick. In future I’ll use a slower drying epoxy for this sort of thing.

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